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June 24, 2009


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Freecycle is the BEST!!! And that piano is awesome! What a deal! When are you getting it tuned? Who plays?


All three girls play. I'll probably get it tuned in the next few weeks. It actually sounds pretty good. It's only slightly off key in a couple areas.


Wow Kelly!! What a beautiful blessing!!


You got a piano on Freecycle!? That is awesome! I can't beleieve that type of thing is even on freecycle. Congratulations!



sandy McClay

Let me make sure I have this right....this was FREE???? WOW! This is a beautiful piece of fine craftsmanship for sure.....who made it??? I have a Steinway upright that was made in the 1800's,( $200.00 when I was a child) and they were able to tell me when and where and who it was made for....perhaps yours will have a story attached too! You have truly been blessede with this one!


Yes, it was actually free. It is called the Opera Piano and was made in the early 1900's. I haven't done much more research than that. I agree...what a blessing!


wow! I followed a link here from Donnamarie, but got sidetracked and started reading your entire blog. The piano is awesome. We got a 102 year old piano from our church back home, but when we moved we had to leave it. It was too big. I sure wish I had it here. (sigh)

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