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November 27, 2008


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FIRST!!!! First first first first first!!!!! Aha!! :P


I so so so can NOT believe that Jona beat me to be the first commenter! That Jona! Anyway, I LOVE the new blog, Kelly! Looks GREAT. The design is SO you. Looking forward to keeping up with you and the fam. Love you guys!

Sandi Bradshaw

Alright ladies...let's be KNOW the real SHOCKER is that I - I - I - I was not first! Me...who lives with my computer like it's some sort of ball and chain..., back to Kelly and her lovely blog! ;o) Seriously Kelly...this is great! I LOVE visiting other people's this will be so much fun to be able to regularly see what your family is up to. LOVE the cathedral pictures...what a gorgeous must have been in awe the whole time!


You guys are so funny!

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